Social media documents New Jersey train crashing into station during rush hour


By Jenni RyallAustralia2016-09-29 16:27:26 UTC As rush hour was in full swing on Thursday, tweets filtered out with dramatic accounts from people on a New Jersey train. The train failed to stop as it came into Hoboken Station in New Jersey, smashing into commuters standing on the platform and destroying …

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How a car ride prompted Serena Williams to join the fight against police violence.


‘I won’t be silent.’ <br> Serena Williams is one of the greatest athletes of all time. Full stop. She’s won 22 grand slam tennis titles, 307 victories in grand-slam play, and four Olympic gold medals. She is a dominant player, beloved by millions of fans, charities, and brands. Photo by …

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SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System


  “The reason I am personally accruing assets is to fund this. I really have no other purpose than to make life interplanetary” – Elon Musk   You can read more about Musk’s ambitious plans here.     Channels: AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, UPLIFTING Tags: · cosmos, first, future, mars, musk, science, …

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TBT to when BlackBerry phones were cool


Steve Carell’s character, Michael Scott posing with a BlackBerry mascot in an episode of ‘The Office.’ Image: nbc/Justin Lubin/NBCU Photo Bank via getty images By Nicole Gallucci2016-09-28 22:15:21 UTC Now that BlackBerry officially isn’t making phones anymore, let’s look back at a simpler time: the early 2000s, when BlackBerry ruled …

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This woman explains the frustration of having to prove her mental illnesses are real.


<br> This story was originally published on The Mighty. “Huh. Must be a women thing” was said with a dismissive shrug and a grin.  This was my supervisor’s response when I tried to explain how my brain works differently with its multiple anxiety disorders. The problem was apparently not with …

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This 35 Year Timelapse Takes You on a Backwards Journey Through Time


  Sam Klemke has recorded himself at the end of every year to reflect on the previous 12 months. In this fascinating short film, we travel backwards through time over 35 years from 2011 to the beginning of the film project in 1976. The YouTube video above inspired a feature …

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Get free burgers for life at this joint, if you get a tattoo of a burger that is


Burgers for life, if you get a tattoo of one. By Johnny Lieu2016-09-28 03:36:37 UTC People like burgers. But how many of them are willing to get a tattoo of one, in exchange for a lifetime supply of burgers? Well it turns out there are at least a few, as …

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Donald Trump's major fat-shaming problem was on full display at the debate.


<br> Another day, another group belittled by presidential candidate Donald Trump. Women. People with disabilities. Muslims. Jewish people. Black people. Mexicans. Gay people. Prisoners of war. Transgender people. (Did I miss any?) There’s one group, though, that Trump has repeatedly, consistently mocked time and time again throughout his entire career, …

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Chrome for Android update brings data saver for videos, smarter file downloads


Image: manish singh/mashable By Manish SinghIndia2016-09-27 10:12:20 UTC Google is introducing major improvements to Chrome for Android to make browsing faster, and downloads seamless for people on slow network. The announcement is part of company’s ‘Next Billion’ push to bring India’s next billion people to the internet.  At its ‘Google …

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Feel like you don't fit in? This delightful Frida Kahlo comic may help.


What makes you different is what makes you special. <br> Growing up, Rebecca Martin used to think of herself as the strangest person in the world. She was inspired by renowned Mexican artist Frida Kahlo (and her famous unibrow) and wrote a beautiful quote about feeling out of place: “I …

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